Detailed below is information regarding what a NRI does and how it works.

What is an NRI?

Natural Reuptake Inhibitor

NRI Uses:

NRI’s are mostly designed to help relieve symptoms of depression, ADHD and anxiety, including General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Phobias, Panic Attacks, social anxiety and insomnia. Over the last couple of years, neutraceutical research labs in the United States have begun developing NRI’s to help with weight loss and other health issues.

How does a NRI work?

Many individuals suffering from depression and anxiety disorders are often suffering from a chemical imbalance in their brain. Natural Reuptake Inhibitors effectively stabilizes several important neurotransmitters in the brain, Serotonin and Norepinephrine which are responsible for perception and emotions, and overall emotional feelings in the body. Through naturally balancing the key chemicals and nutrients in the body, NRI’s can provide short and long-term, and virtually side effect-free depression and anxiety relief. Individual ingredients in NRI formulas such as Clarocet, Amoryn and Welatonin have been detailed in over 200 Clinical studies to help balance key neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Norepinephrine, Dopamine and GABA which are believed to be responsible for feelings of anxiety and depression.

 NRI Side Effects:

The constituents in Natural Reuptake Inhibitors are all-natural. Numerous clinical studies involving adults, teenagers and children have shown that no harmful side effects occur from taking appropriate and balanced doses.

NRI’s do not cause withdrawal or serotonin syndrome.

Types of NRI’s:

A natural reuptake inhibitor is defined as an natural herb, amino acid or nutrient that has an inhibitory reuptake effect on neurotransmitters like Serotonin, Norepinhephrine, Dopamine or GABA. One of the most commonly used NRI’s is St. John’s Wort, often with a Hyperforin content of 3% to 5%.

Related Stories of Interest:

In April of 2001, researchers and scientists at a leading US drug company, Maxx Bioscience, discovered a ‘phytoceutical’ approach to manufacturing all natural supplements. After extensive research and clinical trials, new methods were identified, that allowed for the manufacture of bioactive sub-nutrients in natural ingredients to be combined into effective, clinical strength alternatives to prescription drugs. The recombination of the phytochemical properties delivered effects that were reported to rival top pharmaceutical medications in many different aspects of health, including mental and physical.

In September of 2001, a phytoceutical research team at U.S. based Medicor Labs formulated the first combination-therapy natural reuptake inhibitor (NRI). Clinical studies and human trials found many of the ingredients in Clarocet to be effective in relieving symptoms of depression, anxiety and ADHD. The effects experienced by patients show that alternative medicines have the potential to help, without posing dangerous side effects to patients.

Natural Reuptake Inhibitors are formulated with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals and may provide short and longer term relief. However, NRI’s are not considered permanent treatment for mental health disorders.

Remember that the symptoms you experience are multi-faceted and may be caused by 1) a chemical imbalance 2) the stress and environment around you 3) the way you feel about yourself 4) the coping techniques you have developed (or not developed) to help you deal with your emotions.

You can target these causes by taking a few simple steps. First, I would recommend that you fight the potential chemical imbalance that is more than likely one of the factors causing the symptoms you are experiencing. You can do this with prescription drugs or alternative medicines like Clarocet.

You can also help yourself get through this by understanding what is happening to you. Once you know the core issues surrounding your symptoms, you begin to feel better about yourself. Their are numerous ways you can do this. Learning about your problem is the first step to finding relief. A good place to start is theMental Health Center. If you have the time to attend a support group of any kind, I highly recommend it, but do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of your emotions. This is essential to finding permanent relief.

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