The first step a parent can take in taking control of her child’s anxiety disorder is to speak openly with a healthcare provider. Usually, a mental health professional, especially one with a background treating children, will be the best resource to help a child living with anxiety. They may be able to offer treatment for anxiety in children like behavioral therapy or prescribed medications. The internet also offers an overabundance of resources for parents like additional reading material, online wellness forum and even family networks where parents can interact with other parents who can provide advice and support.

Through connecting with families also dealing with the disorder, parents may begin to understand that every child will experience anxiety in their childhood. In fact, it is expected at certain points of development. Toddlers dropped of at pre-school are comforted when they cry, darkness is a valid reason for a five-year-old to be afraid and checking the closet for monsters becomes a bedtime ritual. However, staying alert to the symptoms of severe anxiety in children is the most important step a parent can take to ensure her child is able to develop appropriately and prevent complications in adulthood.

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