Everybody knows that proper diet and nutrition are good for the body, but few are aware of how important eating right is for mental and emotional health as well. While medicine often seeks to treat each organ as its own separate entity, the reality is that all the systems of the body are integrated, affecting each other in a delicate balance. The mind is no different.

When the body isn’t being fed the proper nutrients, an individual can become tired, fatigued, or frazzled. If left alone for too long, these states can lead to anxiety and depression. For example, stimulants such as refined sugar and caffeine trigger the body’s stress response and put the body in a state of exhaustion that can seriously deteriorate emotional health. Also, certain foods have an effect on neurotransmitter levels within the brain, meaning that someone suffering from a deficiency of certain neurotransmitters can benefit greatly from eating the right foods to stimulate production and balance these mood-regulating chemicals. Being in good physical condition makes an individual more resistant to emotional stress that can lead to anxiety and depression.

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