Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, or SARK as she is known, coined the term “micromovement” as a way to handle procrastination. As she says, micromovements allow her to “still be a procrastinator and also live my creative dreams.” Essentially, micromovements allow SARK and anyone else who uses them to get things done without pressure or stress.

While SARK developed micromovements specifically for the purpose of making creative dreams come true, the 123 Fell Better company has taken the concept to another level. According to their wellness program, the 123 Feel Better Life Change System, micromovements can make any dream come true, whether it’s a dream of a cleaner house or a trip around the world.

Micromovements are tiny steps that add up to a big difference. Instead of trying to get an entire project done at once, you can break it down into much smaller, more manageable pieces. You can also give yourself all the time you need. If you can only do one small thing today and leave the rest for tomorrow, next week or even next month, you can get things done. Often, when we’re procrastinating, we’re feeling overwhelmed by all we have to do. We don’t know where to begin, and the projects feel too big to be tackled. When you break the project down and only think about making one little micromovement, you reduce the pressure, making it easier to get up and get moving.

Say you want to turn your garage into an art studio. Odds are, your garage has been your storage shed since you moved into that house, and a lot of stuff has accumulated. When you look at it, the idea of clearing all that stuff out, cleaning up the space, and moving in all your art supplies might seem like an enormous task. It may feel exhausted justthinking about it. But what if you just took out one item, got rid of it, and left the rest? What if you took out another one or two things three days later and got rid of them? Micromovements can be that small. By doing as much as you can at any given moment, no matter how inconsequential that action might seem, eventually you’ll wake up to an empty garage, and the project will be well on its way toward being finished.

You can apply this concept to anything you want to get done. The thought most often standing in the way of our dreams isn’t really, “I can’t!” It’s, “I won’t.” Micromovements allow you to realize that you can, and you will.

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