Aromatherapy revolves around the use of essential oils that have been physically extracted from plants and roots through pressing or steaming and combined with other natural agents to create preparations for treatment. These essential oils can be used in three basic ways:

Cosmetic: Often, essential oils are used in hair, skin, and body care products to provide a little lift or calm the senses.

Massage: Massages are a great way to relax the body and mind, and adding the sensation of scent to the experience can really enhance the results. Essential oils can be massaged onto the skin through the use of a preparation that won’t cause irritation.

Olfactory: The most straight-forward method of aromatherapy involves the direct inhalation of essential oils through the air or some sort of carrier such as a piece of cloth. Essential oils can be evaporated into the air using a diffuser, diluted and sprayed around the environment, burned in the form of a candle or incense, or put onto the skin directly beneath the nose or around the temples.

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