The Wellness Channel ( is a free online resource that streams together podcasts, videocasts, radio and news from a variety of sources and makes them available to users in search of health information. Created by the 123 Feel Better Company as a supplement to their upcoming program, the 123 Feel Better Life Change System, The Wellness Channel is designed to make finding information and inspiration for achieving wellness goals as easy as possible.

123 Feel Better’s concept of wellness is based on the 7 Aspects of Wellness model. When someone visits The Wellness Channel, clips are organized by wellness aspects—Emotional, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual. Some segments are as short as 90 seconds, providing users with quick bursts of information from experts in psychology, lifestyle transformation, career exploration, intellectual pursuits, relationships, spirituality, nutrition and fitness. Most shows are updated daily.

“We wanted to make exploring wellness as easy as possible,” says Peter Holy, co-founder of the 123 Feel Better company and the man behind The Wellness Channel. “In just five minutes a day, a person can visit The Wellness Channel and discover something new about living a more balanced life based on the 7 Aspects of Wellness.”

“The word ‘wellness’ has traditionally conjured up visions of hard work for most people,” says Mark Holy, the other co-founder of the 123 Feel Better Company. “The Wellness Channel makes learning about wellness fun and interactive. Users can find simple ways to support their journey toward health and happiness by focusing on wellness topics that are of interest to them.”

The 123 Feel Better Life Change System is scheduled for launch later this year. Until then, people interested in discovering ways of healthy living can use The Wellness Channel as a starter tool to jump start building a more fulfilling life.

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