Covering the Bases

Could my attacks have been that bad all these years? Had I been imagining their severity? Later on of course I learnt about the apex effect (the fact that people often ‘forget’ the severity of their problem or even that they had one at all) no wonder referrals are rare with EFT!

I got into the habit of walking around the block every day, come hail or shine, but was still nervous about venturing further, I didn’t want to spoil things, push myself, in case it all went horribly wrong and I was again confined to the house having experienced the pleasure and sheer joy of feeling free but I soon realized I wasn’t free until I pushed myself and tested to the limit.

I knew I had found a tool at last that worked, I had proved that, so set about ensuring that all my bases were covered and that when I walked into town alone I had covered every eventuality.

I tapped for:

  • Even though I am scared this is not going to work …
  • Even though I’m scared I won’t be able to get back home quick enough if it all goes horribly wrong …
  • Even though I am frightened the whole thing is going to exhaust me and set me back years …

I set myself a task of going into a supermarket and buying something, queuing up like a normal individual, paying for it and leaving without rushing out. I had learned many years ago that running away from the feeling of panic only compounded it in the long run and started to actually look forward to testing my new skill in the field, knowing I had something at last that would help.

I had experienced the under eye point as being especially helpful to me as it was always my stomach beginning to clench that heralded an attack and the under eye, being the stomach meridian, seemed to deal with this feeling nicely so I also knew I had an emergency tool should I get a bit overwhelmed at any point which helped enormously to get me out of the door!

So I walked into town, it wasn’t all plain sailing but I felt myself welcoming the different feelings as a chance to practice and a sign that I was open to experiencing and dealing with these things and not just be rid of them, forevermore scared of them cropping up out of the blue again with the same forceful shock and effect on me they had had in the past.

I knew if I could do this, feeling slightly wobbly but confident this was far more valuable than feeling nothing at all, and I was right, as I looked for more and wider experiences to test myself, literally shouting out for the feelings to come on in and do their worst, they stopped.

I had thought about looking for the initial cause of the panic attacks but somehow that didn’t seem relevant or useful anymore but what I did do was tap for the weird empty feeling of them not being there any longer.

  • Even though it feels strange not having them around anymore …
  • Even though I can’t believe they’ve gone …

I also tapped for the enormous loss of life I felt for the years I had missed doing ‘normal’ things especially with my daughter who I feel missed out dreadfully when she was young on so many different experiences.

  • Even though I am so sad I missed out …
  • Even though I feel so guilty at making my little girl miss so many thing …
  • Even though I blame myself for her being so nervous now
  • Even though I know there is no way I can ever make up for this loss …

I covered as much as I could of the guilt and the feelings of having been a dreadful coward all these years not to have tried harder and just done things anyway, however I felt, but I realize now that that just is not so, people who suffer panic attacks, if anything, are extremely strong and brave, going to war every day.

Some of the most courageous people I know are the ones who have suffered panic and anxiety attacks for most of their lives and have soldiered on regardless and this includes those who were not even able to leave their houses, they still got up every day to face the day with the fear of not knowing quite what to expect which is like being told to march into battle with no weapon, no map and just a vague knowing that there is a huge hostile army lurking somewhere.

You can do it and EFT will help you!

Basic EFT Anxiety Protocol – Step by Step

However, remember, EFT is not just a weapon to help you win this war, it is a finely crafted tool that will help you design and fashion the life you want in intricate and beautiful detail.

So, to sum up

  1. Walk through a situation in your mind first, tap on everything that comes up and use this to prepare for the actual event.
  2. Try and notice as you are doing each round if there is a particular point that always seems to help or makes you feel better, this is a useful single point to tap if you are out and forget everything else!
  3. Make small trips first to build confidence in yourself and the technique.
  4. Make the statements very specific, concentrating first on your bodily sensations then including all your fears about having an attack.
  5. Then really embrace the feelings and welcome them as a chance to practice; this was the key for me.
  6. Lastly tidy up all the feelings about how things are now you are free of them and also if need be the loss of life involved.

Try it, if I can do it anyone can!

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