Adult ADHD can really make things harder on you. You want to pay attention but you can’t. As an adult there is much embarrassment associated with having what is sometimes considered to be a “child’s disorder.” ADHD is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you can learn to control it. The first thing you should know is that you are not the only one. Not only that but you are actually in good company. Here are some famous people that overcame their ADHD:

Vincent van Gogh Alexander Graham Bell
Michael Jordan Ernest Hemingway
Jules Verne Woodrow Wilson
Abraham Lincoln Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Orville Wright Wilber Wright
Beethoven Sir Isaac Newton
Babe Ruth Thomas Edison
Henry Ford Albert Einstein

These names were collected from various sources as people either diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or people who very strongly displayed signs of Attention Deficit Disorder.

So what does that have to do with you?

Here’s the point, ADHD does not cause everyone with it to live horrible, unproductive lives. Think about this; Have you ever had any problems staying focused on your favorite hobby? The answer is almost always “no.” ADHD doesn’t mean that you’re an unfocused person concerning everything. It means you have difficulty focusing on things that are not always interesting to you.

You know there are things you can focus on as well as anyone else. Embrace what you are good at and apply those things to your life. Find a way to be around what you enjoy doing as much as you can. Basically, it is good for someone with ADHD to like their job. However, liking your job is not a prerequisite for living happily with Adult ADHD. After all, it isn’t every day when you hear about someone liking his or her job. Be that as it may, enjoying what you do for a living is a major aid to those diagnosed with ADHD.

ADHD and your Job

ADHD can really get to you at your job, especially at jobs that have an office setting. It is very easy to get distracted from your work if you are just sitting still. There is nothing to force you to pay attention to what you’re supposed to be doing. This might not sound like much help but personal determination is the best way to overcome that situation. There are a few tricks you can use to keep yourself on the ball, but part of it is just forcing yourself to do your work. Here are a few tricks you can use to assist you:

  • Put on some music you like: This keeps your brain busy and when your brain is busy it helps.
  • Keep your desk neat and clean: This helps your brain stay focused.
  • Don’t put things off and force yourself to do multiple things at once: Multitasking doesn’t mix with ADHD
  • Make up a self-agenda for what you want to accomplish in a given time period: This really helps by having something specific to go by.

People who have jobs that are full of things that force them to stay busy or make them follow a specific time schedule have an easier time with their jobs because some of the organization and attention work is done for them.

ADHD and your Family

ADHD can also affect you at home by putting some strain on the relationships you have with the members of your family. Determination isn’t something you can learn to do but being determined is the foundation for all self-help. Make sure you are always aware of yourself and aware of any possible problems you might be causing. Try to be engaged with your family as much as you can be.

It is easy for a person with ADHD to appear as if he or she is in another world, even if they are being directly addressed by another member of the family. Doing things that could keep your attention away from the family can cause these incidents to occur more often. Try to have conversations with members of your family whenever you can so they won’t have a general opinion that you are never there for them.

Humans are very socially sensitive and ignoring someone can cause some hurt feelings or built up anger within a family. Since a person with ADHD does this and sometimes does it very often it is a good idea to apologize and make sure the person understands that you didn’t mean to. Basically just explain you didn’t mean to ignore them and that you are interested in what they have to say. If they get frustrated and don’t want to repeat it, then just explain to them you really want to hear what they have to say. At least that takes away some of the anger or hurt feelings because you are showing that you care.

Teaching Yourself to be Organized

Making a schedule is huge for a person with ADHD. Yes, even adults. By making a weekly schedule you are doing all of the organizational thinking you will have to do for the next week all at once. Since organizational thinking is hampered for a person with ADHD you would be eliminating a large part of your burden.

ADHD will affect your life but you have the power to affect how much. You have the power to curb some of the symptoms by being self-aware and by following basic routines and using little tricks to remind you what you should be doing to improve yourself. As long as you are determined you have a very good chance of taking control of ADHD.

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