Much has been written about the healing powers of art and art therapy, and now there is a growing movement in the art world that is taking traditional art therapy to a whole new level.

The artist Brent Atwater says that her original paintings emanate healing energy that activates physical rehabilitation for individuals with various health issues and disorders. They demonstrate the powerful role artwork can play in enhancing the process of healing, not just through the creation of art, but through viewing art as well.

There is scientific and alternative documentation of the efficacy of the healing benefits in Atwater’s artwork. Artwork has energy that may actually change the physical, mental, and emotional energy fields of the viewer. Being in the presence of healing artwork is what changes both the viewer’s physical and energetic body. Why does this type of art work in this way?

For Atwater and other healing artists, healing energy itself is incorporated into the painting process. The energy is channeled through the painting’s patterns and colors. The combination of specific patterns and vibrational frequencies of the colors and healing energy combine to create physical healing responses in the body.

Double blind studies using biofeedback, Gas Discharge Visualization Cameras, and the HeartMath system have documented that in as little as 5 seconds of exposure to healing art, positive changes begin to occur in a subject’s heart waves (HRV), respiratory rates, body temperature, and brain waves (EEG). Changes also occur in the bioenergetic or subtle energy fields of the body. Video testimonials have been produced to accompany this type of documentation.

This is not entirely the same as traditional art therapy, in which the healing response is generated by the patient making a piece of artwork. In this approach it is simply being in the presence of artwork that is designed to heal. One can increase self awareness, enhance cognitive abilities, and cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences through the creative process of producing as well as talking about art with an art therapist. But, surely, Brent Atwater’s “Paintings That Heal” and other healing art is an intriguing addition to the field of art therapy.

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