While it is always important to speak with a healthcare provider about treatment options for bipolar disorder, you may want to explore complementary and alternative treatments to enhance your recovery. Various forms of complementary and alternative medicines for bipolar disorder can help you avoid relapse once symptoms have been brought under control through medication and therapy.

Herbal Supplements for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder cannot be treated by dietary supplements. Still, adding certain herbs, vitamins and minerals to a healthy diet may help to promote positive mood and support a healthyneurotransmitter balance. Always speak to a healthcare provider before using dietary supplements in addition to medication you are using to treat bipolar disorder symptoms.

Yoga for Bipolar Disorder

Exercise is highly recommended for patients with bipolar disorder, and yoga is an excellent complementary and alternative exercise for anyone with mood swings. Yoga works because it stretches, tones, and relaxes the body as well as the mind, alleviating problems associated with everydaystress. Yoga can also help regulate the sleep/wake cycle, which is essential for anyone dealing with bipolar disorder.

Yoga has been shown to support healthy sympathetic nervous system function. The sympathetic nervous system is the system within the body that regulates the stress response. Too much stress is not good for anyone, especially those dealing with bipolar disorder, so regular yoga exercise may help someone with bipolar disorder avoid relapse.

Meditation for Bipolar Disorder

When experiencing a mania or hypomania, individuals with bipolar disorder have difficulty controlling their impulsive behavior. Practicing regular meditation may help an individual with bipolar disorder learn to quiet their mind and control their emotions. Regular meditation also helps to quiet the body and reduce nervous agitation, another common problem amongst those with bipolar disorder. Studies have shown that those who practice meditation regularly experience less stress and are better able to handle mood swings.

Remember to always speak with your doctor about complementary and alternative medicines before beginning a treatment regimen. These remedies are meant to be used in conjunction with more conventional treatments, and they should never be used as a replacement therapy unless directed by amedical professional.

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