Anxiety and depression frequently target the weak areas of the spine and can cause general muscular tension, headaches, migraine, neck and back pain. This pain can in turn aggravate the already present anxiety and depression in some individuals.

Chronic pain can cause severe anxiety and depressive symptoms over time. This can manifest itself in a decrease of social interaction and activity as well as general feelings of remorse or sadness when dealing with ongoing pain, and a sense of hopelessness at the situation when relief has not been found. Studies have shown however that proper chiropractic treatment and screening can greatly reduce not only the physical ailments, but the mental anguish that often accompanies them, even when prescription and over the counter drugs and other remedies have failed.

Stress, anxiety and depression may be alleviated by successful chiropractic care. If the source of pain is isolated and treated and the pain is relieved, one’s general sense of mood may lift and they may experience renewed invigoration for once difficult (but normally routine) tasks. Overall, the individual will start to feel better in every sense.

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