Depression Treatment Options

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder have many treatment options available to them. Psychotherapy (including Cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), prescription medications, as well as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) are just some of the treatments for depression.

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Complementary and Alternative Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

While it is always important to speak with a healthcare provider about treatment options for bipolar disorder, you may want to explore complementary and alternative treatments to enhance your recovery. Various forms of complementary and alternative medicines for bipolar disorder can help you avoid relapse once symptoms have been brought under control through medication and therapy.

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Tips for Anxiety Recovery and Stress Relief


In today’s hectic world, we could all use some tips for anxiety recovery. Why do we experience so much anxiety, and why do we need anxiety recovery tips? Stress. It’s a major contributor to everyday anxieties, so if we want to combat anxiety, we need to combat stress. The following tips will help you to replace those uneasy, apprehensive feelings with a calm, cool, collected attitude.

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Valerian Root


Valerian root can help relieve stress, anxiety and nervousness. It is often used to support health sleep and reduce headaches. Learn more about the benefits of Valerian, as well as side effects, dosage, clinical studies and reference links.

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